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Composition solution for mirror finish aluminum sheet

The chemical polishing of mirror finish aluminum sheet usually adopts a 70% (mass percent) phosphoric acid based solution. Two other solutions are also used sometimes.[2019-08-28 16:23:15]

Longitudinal cracks in aluminium checker plate sheet

The aluminium checker plate sheet tends to have some defects in further processing. Effective measures to prevent longitudinal cracks from coming into being are as below.[2019-07-31 17:53:58]

How To Prevent Aluminum Plate Surface From Scratch ?

In using the fork rod material sent profiles from the discharge path to put on the bed, must pay attention to careful, because there are a lot of people is due to too fast, and formed profiles have a degree of aluminum plate damage.[2016-06-07 17:44:18]

Why The Shape Is Not Same Of Aluminum Checker Sheet ?

In fact, the pattern is not the same shape aluminum checker sheet , aluminum material is also different.[2016-05-16 15:51:07]

Our Aluminum Sale Manager Visit To Colombia

On May 12, 2016, our aluminium products sales manager to visit the customer in Colombia .[2016-06-07 15:52:11]

Can Aluminum Do Doors And Windows ?

Now, coated aluminum coil has become one of the most popular top decoration materials.It is a kind of environmental protection, durable and beautiful green features.[2016-06-07 17:44:46]

Aluminum Tread Plate Popular In Car Is Not Allow To Ignore

For vacant, where needed staff stampede, suggested the use of alloy series, use pattern aluminum, while the thickness of not less than 6.0mm, to ensure the safety of staff and non-slip aluminum thickness of this type of series to the maximum, while ensuring non-slip aluminum life.[2016-05-16 14:45:22]


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