aluminium strip

haomei aluminium strip - We are specialize in aluminium strip producing (thin Aluminium coil),we can directly process any types of aluminium strip,aluminium sheet and aluminium coil.the Aluminium strip can be directly used in cars, air compressor, engineering machinery, air separation equipment and other various industries, such as radiators, condensers and evaporators manufacturing. With advanced equipment and technology,

We would like to highlight our aluminium strip, aluminium coil,aluminium plate, 8011 Aluminium sheet,aluminium circle,Aluminium roll and aluminium tread plate coil with good quality and competitive price.

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Product Description

Aluminium strip Product specification are tailored to customer's requirements, we have rich experience on this industry in domestic and abroad.Please feel free to contact us if you have demand of resistance alloy strip. Thank you!

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Application
0.02~4.00 5~100 Cable,cosmetic cap,
 Aluminium composite,
pipe,Aluminium hose or tube,shutter,
electrical transformer, 
Aluminium battery 
8011,1235,1060,1100, O 0.10~0.20 100~300 Cable Wrapping
1060, 1100, 8011 O, H22 0.20~1.5 30~250 Aluminium plastic 
composite pipe
1060, 1070 O 0.20~2.0 100~1200 Low voltage 
electrical transformer
8011 H18, H19  0.08~0.10 140~600 Water tank 
radiator in Automobile
8011 O 0.10~0.13  60 Aluminium tube 
for kitchen ventilator 
5052, 3004 H19 0.125~0.25 15~100 Roller shutter
3004 O 0.25~0.40 85~400 Aluminium lamp base


process of aluminium strip

Packaging & Shipping

Each aluminium strips to be packed in one wooden pallet, wrapped with paper fiberboard or Nylon sheets and lashed by steel belt. Its with paper interleaving as follows:

Aluminium strip Packaging